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Australian company actively developing and seeking opportunities in the resources, energy materials and clean energy space

Graphite Downstream Transformation

With China controlling 100% of global graphite battery anode production, there is a clear strategic necessity to increase supply chain diversity in the global energy materials processing sector.

Since 2019, when it changed its name and focus, the Hexagon Energy Materials’ strategy has been to develop an energy-materials business focused on downstream graphite processing, and on rare-earth separation processing.

In 2019, Hexagon completed a scoping study into downstream processing of graphite concentrates on a stand alone basis – but based on a significant body of test work on samples from its own McIntosh Graphite Project, located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.  The scoping study can be accessed here.

Graphite processing remains an important strategic focus for Hexagon, and the Company is continuing to look for commercial opportunities to develop an income stream from downstream graphite processing.  Hexagon has developed and maintains excellent relations with a number of important graphite processing companies in North America, where there is a strong focus on supply chain diversity and ensuring that key strategic minerals are sourced and processed within the US, or through allied nations.

As with the rare earths market, Hexagon is continuing to work within the downstream graphite processing market to develop new commercial opportunities to utilise its market acumen and its technical expertise to create a high margin, stable business supplying a critical component of the supply chains contributing to e-mobility and renewable energy generation.

HXG’s Downstream Graphite Transformation Technical Accomplishments

HXG’s value is in its demonstrated ability to transform graphite into specialty downstream products.  It is seeking to commercialise this IP through product development and collaboration with specific partners.

Battery-Grade Purification

Produced 99.99% C purified natural-flake graphite concentrate via thermal purification?

  • Purified natural-flake graphite concentrate to 99.99% C

All specialty battery-graphite applications (anode and cathode) require a finished graphite product with a net purity of 99.95% C

Applications: serves as the precursor for all high-value downstream graphite products

Li-ion Coated Anode Graphite

Manufactured Li-ion battery anode graphite materials

  • Purified natural-flake graphite concentrate to ≥99.99% C
  • Milled (sized)
  • Spheroidised (shaped; high yield)
  • Surface-treated (coated)
  • Produced D50 sizes ranging from 7 to 25 microns
  • Tested performance in Li-ion cells

Application: Li-ion batteries

Conductivity-Enhancement Graphite

Manufactured battery cathode conductivity-enhancement graphite (CEG) materials

  • Purified natural-flake graphite concentrate to ≥99.99% C
  • Milled (sized)
  • Produced expandable graphite (graphite intercalation)
  • Produced expanded graphite (thermal shock)
  • Milled expanded graphite into high-performance CEG
  • Tested performance of both standard and premium CEG products

Applications: all major commercial battery-cathodes chemistries
(Li-ion, primary lithium, alkaline, and lead-acid batteries)

Antioxidant Conductivity Enhancement Additive

Manufactured natural-flake graphite antioxidant conductivity-enhancement additive – ‘Performance+’ for synthetic graphite electrodes

  • High-performance purified natural-flake graphite antioxidant additive to increase electrical and thermal performance, while extending life in synthetic graphite electrodes
  • Tested performance in graphite electrodes

Application: graphite electrodes for electric-arc furnace (EAF) steel making