A study was recently completed on bulk scale material from Hexagon Resources’ McIntosh Project.  Elemental composition after the combustion of Hexagon’s flake graphite sample confirms ultra-high purity material grading +99.9% TC.  X-Ray diffraction has confirmed that the carbon in the representative bulk scale graphite concentrate is crystalline with no amorphous material.

Test work at an Australian leading University on Hexagon’s ultra-high purity graphite produced a high yield of graphene at approximately 90%.  This high quality graphene with single to a few layers was confirmed by Raman, TEM and TGA analysis.  It can be produced via several methods including a ‘green method’ without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Results from this study indicate that Hexagon’s ultra-high purity graphite has the potential to be used for large scale graphene production.

Read more about this recent study in Hexagons’ ASX announcement on 3rd May 2016.

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