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Hexagon Energy Materials Limited

RapidSX™ demonstrated
approach for
REE separation

IMC’s RapidSX Pilot Plant
Hexagon Energy Materials Limited

high-purity rare
earth oxides

+99.9% Neodymium (Nd) oxide
Hexagon Energy Materials Limited

diversification of
the rare earths
supply chain

Neodymium (Nd) metal
Hexagon Energy Materials Limited

High purity graphite
for lithium-ion

Purified, spherical graphite
Hexagon Energy Materials Limited


26 g/t gold rockchip sample
Hexagon Energy Materials Limited

exploration and
graphite resources

McIntosh Project outlook


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Hexagon Energy Materials limited (ASX:HXG) is an Australian energy materials business focused on rare earths and graphite processing for the growing e-mobility and renewable energy sectors.

Hexagon anticipates commercialising RapidSX, a state-of-the-art approach to rare earth elements (REE) separation that enables faster processing times at significantly lower capital expenditure costs.

Hexagon is also exploring for gold, nickel-copper and graphite at its two wholly-owned exploration assets in Western Australia, the Halls Creek Gold Project and the McIntosh Project.

REE – The RapidSX™ approach to REE separation is a game changer for global REE supply chains

China dominates the REE supply chain – 85% of separation is undertaken in China, with conventional SX

RapidSX offers lower capital costs and operating enhancements to conventional SX enabling producers to capture extra value

Gold – high grade gold exploration targets eg 4 metres at 22 g/t gold and 17 g/t silver

Graphite – critical component of energy storage. HXG has graphite resources and processing IP

Nickel-Copper Exploration Massive data set highlighting Ni-Cu prospectivity not tested for 15 years